Sunday, July 22, 2012

"Tekken 3", PlayStation, 1998.

This is not a great ad. The uncanny valley quality of the photorealistic artwork is impressive, but what that tells us isn't that the in-game graphics are great but that an artist made one great still image for use in the ad. Tekken laymen such as myself don't see this portrait and go "Holy spit, CEO Heihachi Mishima, the toughest Objectivist badass in Namco's whole ludography, is back in another game to advance the heartbreaking family soap opera tale of his clan! This'll be awesome!!!" We go "Hmm... this game features a character who is an old man who has adapted Asterix's winged helmet motif into his hairstyle. Fine, but why should I care?" His face alone perhaps isn't worth a double-page advertising spread.
Expository text is considered extraneous (is this picture worth a thousand words?)
The face of fighting.
Tekken 3