Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Game Boy Advance SP, 2003.

I would never buy a piece of hardware based on its exciting new colour, but plenty of people did buy Game Boy Advances. If you're going to promote it on pure superficiality, at least they picked a stylish way to do so. (Superficial + unstylish == hard to market. Except to hipsters. Hm, who should be breaking out their LCD handhelds any day now.)
New Game Boy Advance SP
Now in flame.
What does SP stand for? ("SPecial", apparently.) Does it offer any selling point beyond its colour? (Half the size, better screen protection.) If you ask me, this looks like a typical brushed-steel finish just reflecting the redness of the flames surrounding it. Warning: Do Not Attempt To Operate Game Boy Advance SP In The Middle Of A Raging Inferno.
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