Monday, April 2, 2012

"Worms World Party", 2001

The cardinal rule of advertising is that the ad can't distract attention away from the product.  The Worms games are great: Scorched Earth with cute mascots, or otherwise put, multiplayer ballistic 2D deathmatches.  It's great fun, but let's face it: it's not better than sex, which is what this ad is really selling.  Here, the mascot is so small and subtly situated (perhaps the only subtle part of the ad?) that you probably don't even see it.   It's on the left rump cheek of the lady departing the pool; the gentleman swimming there has been distracted by it from his discussion about Strindberg with his African colleague there.

PS: though perhaps cute wordplay in the original Finnish, the slogan "Global Worming" when the only worm visible is emblazoned on a woman's posterior only brings to mind horrifying intestinal parasites, one level that this game doesn't feature.  (Try Life Force for that!)

PPS: "Stop playing" is also a very disruptive slogan for a video game.  Make up your mind!