Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"Atmosfear: The Harbingers", VCR/board game, 1995.

Not much to say here: again, something like this wasn't considered a video game even though video games incorporating full-motion video had been around since Dragon's Lair hit the arcades in the early '80s, home FMV-game systems had been designed to encroach upon living rooms everywhere (see the ill-fated NEMO and its games Night Trap and Sewer Shark, later repurposed for the Sega CD), and of course once the CD-ROM format came about crappy video was actually all you needed to stink up a disc and call it a game. This gets an extra nail in its coffin due to the necessary use of game board and tokens in order to track player progress and game state -- something that, again, wasn't unheard of in the early home consoles and which we'd seen as recently as Infocom's Suspended in 1983. OK, this was over a decade later, but for years between the two computer games would direct players to consult entry number 224 in the game journal included with the package just to save disk space for text. Clearly all the elements were on the table but they weren't yet all unified in a single presentation!

'The Harbingers'

The sound, the nighmare, the game.

Experience the game

What I want to know is how are you supposed to frighten people when your company is named "A Couple A Cowboys"?