Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"Hacker", 1985. (Part II)

Again liberally lifting from World 1-1, it's a variant ad design for the game Hacker we've just covered in such depth! So I won't have much to say about it beyond a look at the ad design...


You've stumbled into an unknown computer system.
Now what?

One word appears on your screen.
What do you do now?
You don't know the password.
You don't even know what computer system you've hacked into.
But you do know that you must find out more.
There are no instructions.
No rules.
No clues.
You're completely on your own.
You've found your way in.
But is there a way out?

Nice and suspenseful. I imagine most computer systems hackers stumbled upon (with such cast-a-wide-net methods as wardialing) would have been unknown. What the system is is secondary to the your finding it and evaluating if its security can be compromised. Only then does the hacker concern themselves for its rich chewy nougat centre. "Is there a way out?" Sure -- hang up. Then there are the phone company records, but surely you've been following the dictates of the Bible of Nuiwanda: Thou shalt not box over thine own line!

This is just box art, but I appreciate the details (you may have to consult the better-lit box art over at Mobygames to keep up) -- the headphones, the map, the calculator, the mug of coffee. No crass stereotypes, just a craftsman and the tools of his trade.

Anyhow, that's all for that! Since we last chatted, I've found a reference (something else I've written elsewhere 8) to one of the BBS door games I was talking about last time around. And here is a greater list of games about or at least with mini-games concerning themselves for hacking.