Monday, October 7, 2013

"Hell", 1994.

Because: what is as scary as FMV games? That's right: mid-'90s Barbie-doll 3D computer graphics, with early-Photoshop logos. Actually: also Grace Jones, come to think of it.
The ad doesn't do the game a great deal of justice; apparently it's a sequel of sorts (through its staff and themes, not in licensing a setting or characters) to BloodNet, the Citizen Kane of cyberpunk vampire games. Straight up I can tell you when we saw that promotional imagery in the store we thought: chutzpah! The tools are apparently still quite crude but they decided to realize their vision to the fullest extent currently possible on a budget. But we'll let someone else pay the early-adopter premium.

The cyberspace trope really has fallen by the wayside since the '90s, now that we realize that the future looks a lot like today, only with more banal bullshit from advertisers.

Anyhow, not having played it, I can't report back in too great detail. But look -- released on Hallowe'en! It fits my theme for this month.