Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fellow Traveler supplemental - Batman: Digital Justice, 1990.

Apologies for yet another non-video-game post (very comic-booky however, a comic advertised in a comic), mostly but not entirely unrelated to the blog's general theme. This is just a nod to the times revealing that the early '90s was as bumpy a time for graphics technology in comics and other media as much as it was for video games. I would say that it's a bad sign when Max Headroom out-performs your state-of-the-art visual presentation, except of course Max Headroom was intensely stylish and actually not computer-generated at all. (See also: the award-winning computer graphics in the BBC's Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy TV series, made without benefit of computers. Ah, but I digress -- apparently my new official sign-off!)

PS, thanks for helping me achieve 1000 views to this improbable blog! I don't do it because I expect anyone else to care, I do it because I care! Your attention is just the icing on the cake. More comments are always welcome, however! They're quite few and far between. Of course, gamers and comics fans being what they are, I suppose every reply is redolent with holy war potential.

(A final note unrelated -- my blog here, consisting of scans from my archives, has inspired my partner to launch a blog of her own, of scans from HER archives. But while my archives are the very dudely long boxes of comix, hers are of '70s radical and revolutionary broadsheets. I like to say that hers is like mine, only about something real and important. Though it is proving, post for post, to be far more popular than my blog here, nonetheless I will give it a little plug here: you can find it at