Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"NBA Action 98", Sega Saturn, 1998.

Inasmuch as I'm generally disinterested in playing sports, it follows that barring gimmicks (eg. Pigskin, Mutant League Football) I don't much play them since, like driving or piloting games, they model and simulate activities in which I am not interested.

Typically they are marketed lazily: you liked last year's version, so you'll like this year's also. And so, though I have scanned many of them, I haven't gotten areound to posting them yet, for lack of much to say about them. This ad is an exception, from the psychedelic '90s, a basketball game ad seemingly torn from the pre-millennial pages of Wired:

Some people go to extremes to play NBA Action 98. They should. In this game, you're up again guys who'd like nothing better than to pound your puny torso into the court. We're talking every NBA player, every NBA team, all 29 Arenas. Team specific plays. Behind the back passes. Alley oops. It's all here. Chick Hearn even calls the plays. NBA Action 98. See how you measure up.
"Go to extremes"? I see what you're doing there, '90s. It is an impressive early Photoshop job Dr. Funkenstein has achieved in the back of his literally crooked office. I appreciate the detail of the line-up of customers waiting out front, and wish my scanner had picked up the small print on top of the doorframe (and will Stretch fit through? Just how tall is he?)

Of course, extra height won't actually help your performance in most video games.

Thanks! This post should push this weird little blog past a thousand pageviews, which isn't bad considering that the only place I actively promote its posts is on the empty Google+. I figure long-tail search engine traffic will eventually appreciate these scans and the commentary. With an infant held in one arm while typing this post one-handed, its update schedule will necessarily remain sporadic into the foreseeable future, but I still have a lot of scans to go through.

And if you are a current reader, you've already demonstrated an interest in video games and I encourage you to support the otherwise-unrelated the Indiegogo campaign for Deirdra Kiai's musical stop-motion adventure game Dominique Pamplemousse in its final few days.