Friday, August 31, 2012

"X-Men", 1990, NES.

UNCANNILY SMALL SCREEN SHOTS! It's a bad sign when your screen-shots are the same size as the Nintendo seal of quality in the ad, but maybe if we shrink down the on-screen characters to unrecognizable blotches, readers won't realise that the on-screen characters look like... unrecognizable blotches! This was the first X-Men game to make it out the door (Scott Adams' fabled fourth installment of the Questprobe series was lost in Adventure International's bankruptcy shuffle, though assuredly the screenshots to that text adventure game would be nothing special either) and apparently it took a while for the killer franchise to get the game it deserved -- the 1992 Konami arcade brawler I keep mentioning. (Their 1989 gamebook was apparently well-enough regarded, but no one counts these disparate diversions in the same breath besides your humble narrator.)

X-Men fans! Now the fantastic gang of heroes... Wolverine, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Storm, Colossus, Ice Man ... are at your command to save the entire human race. As Professor Xavier, you must choose the right X-Men to complete your colossal mission -- to stop the evil mutants. For uncanny and explosive Nintendo action and strategy, X marks the spot!

Coming soon, for a different system -- an unrelated game exploiting a different licensed property belonging to the same company!