Saturday, April 21, 2012

"Virtual Bart', 1994.

No, I haven't forgotten about you, my handful of misguided devotees.  I've been trying to migrate and consolidate files from about five different computer into one centralized location and ... I've been losing track of data all over the place.  The good news is, I seem to have found it.  Now then...

What could better speak of the '90s zeitgeist than this confluence of The Simpsons, the Super Nintendo, and virtual reality all together in one package?

who needs reality?
Yipes! Bart's stuck in a virtual reality machine! Enter the Jurassic era as Dino Bart. Face a post-apocalyptic Springfield as Doomsday Bart. Deploy your diaper-chute as Baby Bart. Hog the spotlight as Pork Factory Pig Bart. Then there's the butt-squeaking thrill-ride down the dangerous Mt. Splashmore and more!
Like many aspects of their bizarrely long run (eg. the weekly cartoon), the Simpsons video games perhaps ought to have been better than they were (perhaps also a condition afflicting Acclaim generally.)  Barring some outsiders (eg. the Konami arcade brawler), they all looked good and were no fun to play. This appears to be a collection of mini-games thrown together in the hopes of kicking up some sparks and turning a license into gold.