Sunday, April 29, 2012

"X-Men", Genesis, 1993

I've just finished up with splicing together some two-page ad spreads, so why not get back into the swing of things with one of them now? I never gave this ad its dues at the time, merely chalking it up to sensationalist "ugly art". In retrospect, it's a gutsy move (or in this case, one might say "a bold Gambit", ho ho) to advertise a comic-book game, in a comic book, with anything other than comic book-style artwork. It excellently conveys the gritty mood the '90s were trying on in preparation for millennial angst.

Hear the sound razor-sharp adamantium claws make as they extract their revenge.

Juggernaut is one tough mutant, even against Wolverine's fierce claws. Fire Gambit's energized cards and introduce Juggernaut to Storm's tornado force winds.
Sabretooth growls his defiance. Cyclops needs Archangel's razor sharp blades to help Nightcrawler send him back to his maker.
Cyclops watches for Sentinel attacks as Gambit uses Iceman's bridge to annihilate the hovering Sentinel.
The final battle takes place on Asteroid M. Defeat Magneto's Acolytes and the Master of Magnetism appears.
Welcome to the next level (tm)
Apparently completion of this game required abuse of the reset button (a "soft reset"), making it impossible to complete through emulation.