Saturday, October 20, 2012

"Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines", Windows, 2004.

This game comes so highly recommended I had to pick up a thrift store copy for someday possibly playing. Rumour has it that two of the seven clans have a fundamentally different game, the Nosferatu being forbidden from overground locations and the Malkavians permanently insane, unable to conduct the same conversations as everyone else.


the Masquerade


"One of the most anticipated RPGs this year" - Gamespot
Choose to swear allegiance to 1 of 7 different clans, then use an array of vampire powers to complete quests and gain experience.
Witness the destructive power of your weapons, including guns, swords and supernatural Vampire powers, in next-gen first-person and third-person gameplay.
Get sucked in to the streets of Los Angeles, where the options are endless and the dangers are boundless.
Interact with mortals and other Vampires in a world that reacts to clan, gender and dialogue in this deep, immersive RPG
Here's a blast from the past. Last ... May it must have been, while delivering newspapers as a family favour I found myself struck by an overwhelming feeling of deja vu at the Metrotown branch of the Burnaby library. But why, I wondered, I've never been here before. But wait! The grounds outside the library indeed were the venue for a regular live-action game of Vampire: the Masquerade circa age 15, where pale youths in black trenchcoats skulked around moodily and resolved conflicts through rounds of rock-paper-scissors. I didn't last (I was always somewhat at odds from RPGing) and over half of my life has elapsed since I've last thought of that experience. The game setting was indeed a rich and evocative one, but I suspect I'll enjoy it more with planned plot points and scripted speeches rather than the improvised versions of my youth.
But I digress. Will this ad sell the game to someone lacking the nostalgia? Does the shadow-anhk boost the flavour? How about the midriff babe and her side-boob? Was the tribal tramp stamp a tragical '90s cliche already by 2004?
No deeper insights tonight, sorry!