Monday, October 15, 2012

"Bump 'n' Jump", 1983.

You know what, both screen shots and compelling copy are over-rated. What I really want out of a game is a rhyming name, a minimalist goal, and a good clear illustration of what I should be seeing in my mind's eye when I play.
In this home video game nice guys finish last. If they finish at all. For your Intellivision(r), and Atari(r) 2600.
Truly I haven't seen such a purity in gameplay naming since You Have To Burn The Rope.

I love the company logo, also. You know what it says to me? It says "In 1983 we thought that this typeface looked futuristic, even though it dates to 1968", another retrofuturistic indulgence that, like the cursed companies named in 2001, failed to look quite so futuristic 5 minutes after launch. The game's logo is a whole other slice of what the hey, also. If you just had the logo to speculate by, you might guess that it's a game about coordinating an orgy. (No wait, that's Mystique's similarly-named contemporary game "Beat 'em and eat 'em".) Then under the logo they elaborate... oh, it's a video game? Thanks so much for clarifying! I was hoping it was a driving school.

The illustration is practically a Roy Lichtenstein masterpiece. And what the heck, they were kind enough to throw in one screen shot anyhow.