Monday, October 22, 2012

"Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge", Game Boy, 1991.

To recap for my 2001st reader: a new baby meant it was time for my long boxes of comics to go, but before I turfed 'em I scanned the ads for old video games etc. and now comment on them here irregularly. As a run-up to Hallowe'en, I'm doing scaaaary games. That about brings us up to the present.
Looks like Drac's
back in town

Something immortal is lurking in the mountains above Transylvania. the Prince of Darkness has formed a monolith of unspeakable horror in the second ghastly adventure, Castlevania II -- Belmont's Revenge(tm). Four towering castles ridden with hideous creatures that would even make the mightiest of warriors cower in fear.
Nevertheless, Christopher Belmont must set out to face mobile brain matter, undead assassins, and the Iron Doll in the Stone Castle. Ghastly forces like Kumlo & Nimbler and flesh feeding jellyfish slither through the Cloud Castle. The Plant Castle is the horrific home of Angel Mummy, carnivorous Wolf Spiders and other slimy swamp mutants. And an unspeakable array of acid spewing snake heads and moat monsters lurk in the Crystal Castle. It's crucial that you find power up items to attain battle axes and holy water, your only hope against this underworld army.
So grab your Mystic Whip and say your good-byes. Darkness will soon be upon you.

Welcome to Transylvania

Unusual production values for a Game Boy title! It's weird when a game's ad uses more colours than the game does. Also of note: terribly confusingly, this is not a port of Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest for the NES. One series, two Castlevania IIs. Konami, you so crazy!

So, an enumeration of enemy types. Angel Mummy has some staggering theological ramifications, while carnivorous wolf spiders aren't all that extraordinary. Usually when you hear about underworld armies, it involves tommy guns. "Iron Doll in the Stone Castle" sounds like a core work of the men's movement, but might also make for a good band name. Well, a band name at least. Their first album could be called "A monolith of unspeakable horror". No deeper insights tonight! I don't know that it would be very reasonable to expect any. Sow's ears and all that. I always felt that even console Castlevania games of this generation had the stiff feel of handheld games, so this one may not have lost that much in its minimalist incarnation.